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Time for Spring Festival, again…

February 4, 2012
What event is bigger than Christmas? That’s right, it’s SPRING FESTIVAL, otherwise known as “Chinese New Year” to those who don’t know the proper name. “Lunar New Year” is also an acceptable name, which shows that you know one of the fancier names – anyone who says “Chinese New Year” is clearly an outsider. 

How is Spring Festival “Bigger than Christmas”? Well, we’re quibbling, but since Christmas in America is technically a celebration by Christians,  the sheer number of Chinese who celebrate Spring Festival makes America’s winter holiday look like a block party, or possibly a parking-lot festival.

Besides, in America, tremendous efforts have been made to remove the “Christ” part of Christmas from the holiday, and it seems to have been largely successful – ask an average American what his participation level is in the core theme of Christmas, and he’ll probably look around the room, trying to find an exit from the conversation.

By contrast, look at the participation level of Spring Festival in China, and you will see a moment of complete national unity throughout the populace. It’s just that big!

So to prepare for Spring Festival, you’ll need supplies, and one of the central components is fireworks. Tons and tons and tons of fireworks, and these are not the little popping-crackers that Americans are only grudgingly allowed to purchase and ignite; we are talking about weapons-grade explosives that could probably kill a man who got too close.

Take a look at a standard vendor, offering dozens of different types of fireworks to satisfy your every combustible urge. Everything you are seeing for sale is an explosive of some sort.

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