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Take a peek – at Peking Opera!

February 5, 2012

Peking Opera has not yet been replaced by nightclubs; the venerable art form still pushes on.

Here’s raw, uncut video taken from the front row of Dalian’s remaining Peking Opera house:

YouKu user? No YouTube in your location? CLICK HERE! , or HERE! or even HERE 

I should add that prior to taking these videos, I kept waiting for some sort of instruction regarding video, audio, and photography, as in “DON’T”, but none such emerged, and various members of the audience were taking pictures and video recordings unabashedly.

In these circumstances, it seemed reasonable to record as much as I liked, and I couldn’t help wondering if the theater had decided that resisting the digital age was pointless, and that their efforts in the name of Peking Opera would be better served by encouraging a kind of audience-based promotion system.

One can only applaud their work, both literally and figuratively.

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