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Who was the winner of the prize for “Wacky English in a Chinese business name”?

February 19, 2012

It is, of course, not fair to poke fun at those who don’t know any better – except for when it’s really funny!

Since no one can really resist such humor, let’s take a look at the most amusing English names for businesses seen on our recent trip to Dalian, China. We’ve added notes where some context or explanation of the business function is warranted, since it’s often far from clear what the store or business is producing!

(The names are presented in chronological order.)

-“Baby Impact”

-“Giraffe Flooring”

-“Green Organic Food Monopoly”

-“In the Crystal Barbecue”

-“Daily Mega Holiday Hotel”

-“The Village of Fictitious Land of Peace” (Restaurant, I think, although it could have been a hotel)

-“Swish Hotel”

-“Special Taste City Life Shop” (Coffee shop, of some sort)

-“Art Cake Well-Known Shop” (Same as above; there’s a trend these days.)

-“Soap Opera” – soap store; this one really doesn’t deserve to be on the “Wacky” list, since the name is just plain brilliant, but I’m giving them a plug here, anyway.

-Finally, the one wacky business name we managed to get a picture of; we sincerely *hope* it’s a restaurant! Sorry for the shaky image, but the relevant part is discernible, and worth the slight annoyance of making it out; Look just above the taxi roof:

So, what’s your vote for the winner of the contest? We’re drawn to “Art Cake Well-Known Shop”, but our inner gambler likes the “Daily Mega Holiday Hotel”. The best name from a socio-economic perspective, however, is probably the “Green Organic Food Monopoly”.

Your votes are welcome.


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